Amol Pawar

Amol’s work showcases his experiments with various media and depicts his study of various forms, color schemes, and textures. Many of his paintings reveal his own rhythm of life. Most of his work comprise of abstract paintings and some that illustrate real life.

His Sadhu series,shiva shakti series, couple series is his ode to the mentor figure in his life. Amol believes that if one has to succeed in achieving one’s dreams and ambitions, you need a mentor. He sees this mentor in the form of a Sadhu that we often see, set in his paintings. The animals, be it the bull or the horse, all show the force within. They are strong, forward moving, breaking away and confronting challenges.

For Amol, ‘aiming small is a crime’. And this thought is reflected in most of his art. His use of symbols of Lord Shankar and the six legged tortoise along with Indian mythological stories, tattoos on the body, line drawings of various facets of nature, present additional depth to the paintings. His paintings featuring the human form shows the capacity for the mind to think big and the aspirations to grow. The human form, be it male or female are portrayed as strong and central to the theme, and we can observe many layers of the intricacies in male–female relationships.

The interesting element in his paintings is the use of small icons, numbers, calligraphy, textures, line drawings of temples, trees and other elements of nature like flowers and leaves. His predominant use of earth colours confirm his groundedness and connect with Mother Earth. We also see the use of golden colour – indicating the richness and purity of thought and intention. All his work is an evolution from basic line drawings, moving towards bold imagery.
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